Illustrated Catalogue of the Maps of Rome Online


The catalogue includes printed maps of Rome for the period ca. 1550 to ca 1870. Please note that for the time being the current version serves as a working tool under construction. Thus it it is not the definitive version yet. Eventually it is planned to connect this catalogue with the Lineamenta data base of architectural drawings developed by the Bibliotheca Hertziana – Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Art, Rome.

The catalogue consist in two major parts:

The catalogue of the maps. This contains all basic data relating to each map. Those copies listed in the catalogue (i.e. individual prints) are displayed at the bottom of the form and can be called up one by one or all together. From there those accessing the catalogue will be taken to

The catalogue of individual specimen. This catalaogue can also be consulted directly, for example when a specific collection is of interest. The data base can be used on two access levels: Anonymous users can consult the entire catalog but have only access to to a selection of the full size images. Authorized users with password can see all available images in full size. Anyhow it is not allowed to download or reuse the images at all

The fields offer either a free search (providing range queries for time and dimension values e.g.) or a search according to values entered into the data base already. You should be aware, however, that at the moment not all the fields of the form are equally built up, which can occasionally lead to negative results. The search begins by clicking on the button “Start Search”.

The result will be displayed in a list according to the display order choosen on the search form. If image files are available, they will be shown as thumbnails. By clicking the button “full size image” the image can be opened in real size on the image server Digilib.

The search results are preserved until you begin with a new search (by clicking on "New Search" in the left frame). By using the “back button” of your browser you can always return to the search form in order to modify the query.

The button Highlights gives easy access to a selection of some of the most important plans of Rome and the images thereof.

These pages will be displayed as intended with MS Internet Explorer 4.0 (CSS compatible) or higher versions. They were conceived for a screen resolution of a minimum of 1024 by 768 pixels (ideally 1280 by 1024).

+++ the data base content is still in phase of completion +++

Please observe the Copyright! No part of the database (images or texts) may be copied, published or used in any way without explicit confirmation by the authors or owners of the originals